My Story: 2008 – 2020 (From scarcity to prosperity)


Welcome to my personal website.

Here I’m going to talk about my background, what my business model is, and what you can learn from it.

My name is Sergio and I was raised in a small village in central Spain. Now I have a successful business online and I want to share my story and help others build their own online venture.

Escalona is where I was raised
Raised in the middle of nowhere

I guess it all started back in 2005 (13 y.o.) when I fell in love with computers, programming, website building, you know…

Soon after, I built my first website where I didn’t even expect to make any money. I used to make video-tutorials on how to code (html, javascript, css, php)… I enjoyed helping others.

It was called

Anyways, my real journey into Digital Marketing began in 2008 when I started a small eBay business.

Well, not a business, just a dude buying stuff on Ebay hoping to sell it back at a higher price. I was clueless.

Biker jackets, electric drillers, clothing, video games, cheap bracelets… you name it.

It was Christmas 2009 when I had my very first bit of success. At the time, I was living in London, Britain and realized how I could buy video games in the UK and sell them back to my home country, Spain, at a profit.

Having just turned 18, I made about a grand in two weeks, I was ecstatic… still remember the meter-high video game stacks I used to receive each day, only to sell them in a matter of 24 hours.

My First Ebay Business

And then it all went South.

To make shipping as cheap as possible, I was sending them “ordinary”, so they were not insured at all. If the package was lost, that was it.

About 25% of these orders did not reach their destiny. To this day, I’m not sure if people were taking advantage of the eBay refund system (did they actually receive the items?), or something else was broken.

Thing is… I quickly lost everything I had earned.


It hurt bad for a while but didn’t take long to start planning my next move.

Summer 2010:

Back then, I liked to read the news, plus a variety of insightful articles: , , , Etc…

I noticed it took me 5 minutes to read an entire article, whereas I could sum up the relevant information in a way that would require only 30 seconds to absorb.

So I thought about building some sort of automated news aggregator / news summarizer. was born (“info now”, in English).

I spent a few months building it but I lost hope soon thereafter. Now I know it wasn’t realistic to turn it into a profitable business, the way that I was doing it.

Yet not long after, I learned I wasn’t completely misguided…

A teenage kid sold his news aggregator site to Yahoo for $30 millies…

Could that have been me, had I continued?



LATE 2010:

I started devouring Dragon’s Den episodes on Youtube, and found a motivation to build a real business, rather than online-based alone.

Dragon´s Den youtube videos

I consumed hundreds of articles and videos on how to start a business, read books, learned what it takes to earn an investor’s interest, the bureaucracy to become self-employed, etc…

Then I wrote down tens of ideas and went through a selection process.

At the end, I thought I had it.

I was going to invent a two-sided toothbrush so you could brush your teeth in half the time. Then I was going to patent it in hopes of catching the attention of an angel investor.

I even downloaded some software to produce a decent “business plan” that I could present to investors.

Two sided toothbrush invention

But after some market research and asking a few dentists what their thoughts were, my hopes vanished. It wasn’t realistic.


SUMMER 2011:

After further disappointment, I returned to my roots: Online Marketing.

I learned I could register into a SMS text-messaging service for businesses, where I could charge people to access an online service I created.

It was sweet and simple, and saw a demand.

My first site based on this model was

It was a quiz page where people entered their information (nationality, age, interests, personality traits, whether they like hot or cold weather, etc…) and for the cost of a text message, an algorithm I built was going to tell them what their most ideal holiday destination was.

For months I sent Youtube traffic to my quiz site… I tried many different approaches, yet nobody ever sent a single text so I made no money.

Again, I FAILED.

SUMMER 2012:

The UEFA Euro 2012 Football Championship was taking place. I stumbled upon a welcome bonus to open an account at and place a sports bet.

Made 75 bucks just because. So a light bulb went on.

my sports betting strategy

I quickly developed a few sports betting strategies and implemented them. I made €400+ in a couple weeks. I thought I was on top of the world and had finally found “it”.

But then…

Every bit of success and luck I had during those couple weeks, turned into the opposite… I lost everything I had earned and a bit more. I was crushed once again.


Nevertheless, this introduced me to the world of trading in general. Sports betting and financial trading are very similar… it’s about accurately assessing the probability of an event and opening a position where you think the potential return outweighs the potential loss.

So I opened an account and started day-trading currencies (forex) and gold, mainly.

I was never treated good by the market… but I kept going and ended up developing a very serious strategy. I ran simulations on historical charts and everything seemed incredibly promising.

My trading strategy as a newbie

Yet when I finally got around implementing it, I had a losing streak right away and stopped.

To this day, I’m so convinced I built a wonderful trading strategy that I suspect I should have kept going. It took so much to develop it and so little to lose hope… but regardless,


EARLY 2013:

Once again, back to my roots: Online Marketing.

I gathered tens -if not hundreds- of ways to get traffic online. I simply expected to send these thousands of daily visitors to affiliate offers where I would grab a commission if they purchased a product.

Back then I had no understanding of properly segmenting your traffic, and thought I could just spam people into buying anything.

Posting on forums, youtube videos, social media… the idea was to create massive amounts of low-quality content to generate traffic and redirect that to online offers.

I soon realized you can’t sell meat to a vegetarian, or wheels to a sailor. In other words, you need to sell the right product to the right person. Nobody purchased the products I was directing them to, because I was completely ignoring the concept of targeting.

So yeah, I FAILED.

2014 was a horrible year for me at a personal level so there really isn’t much to talk about. Just going through The Process…


I was still mingling with this concept of producing random traffic online and cold-blood directing it to affiliate offers.


They would click on other people’s affiliate links and give them credit for the sale, instead of me.

So I turned it around and thought… what if I wrote the very best review of a given product? The most complete, the most useful one.

All I would have to do is check other existing reviews, and improve on them. Wouldn’t Google want to rank me in the first page?

In that scenario, I would be the one getting credit for plenty of sales of that product…

– In short:

Some person or company promotes a product > Potential customers look for social feedback online (reviews) > They find my site and read my article, click on my links > I get the commission for that sale. (As long as there’s an affiliate program for that product which I have signed up to, obviously).

“What a sweet business model”, I thought.

My idea was to position myself right in the middle of a customer’s journey to buying something. Passive income 101! Once I had a review article ranked, all I had to do is sit down and collect the commissions.

Online review sites

People could literally be holding their credit cards in their hands, about to buy X product, as they come into my review of X product, which is full of my special links. It doesn’t get more targeted than that, does it?

My first website based on this model was, which was aimed at ranking for keywords related to a launch of a certain dating program for men called “the language of lust”.

This site is active to this day and producing commissions every single day.

I still remember my first sale on Clickbank… July 23rd, 2015. It felt amazing so see that little green bar!

For those of you who don’t know, Clickbank is the platform / marketplace where companies expose their products for affiliates like me to promote them in exchange for a commission each time a sale is made.

For the next couple years, I was earning a humble income online. I published a few more reviews, and a few of them happened to get a lot of SEO traffic.

Finally, I had a bit of success! 🙂

But I wasn’t making a killing or anything. Yet.


By now, I had accumulated tons of knowledge and experience from all the years of trial and error.

A gigantic product launch was set to happen on late January. It was named “7 Figure Cycle” and millions of dollars were going to exchange hands in a matter of days.

For a few weeks I worked like I never had before. I had everything planned…

  • Write online reviews and try to rank them on Google,
  • Buy other websites so I could position more than one article in the same set of search results,
  • Build backlinks to my sites to increase my chances,
  • Spend money in Pay Per Click advertising (paid traffic) to produce my own leads, and soooo much more…

Part of my approach was based on the so-called Launch Jacking, which these days I have perfected.

The launch of 7 Figure Cycle

I knew that many thousands of people were going to search for reviews before they committed two grand on this program, so if I could gather information that was helpful to them, they would read my articles and most importantly, click on my own affiliate links.

So, by providing that “social feedback” we all want before spending money, I was going to get the commissions from some of those sales.

Launch day

Everything turned South once again… I had worked day and night (literally) for three weeks only to see my articles outranked by lower-quality ones that fed off black-hat spammy links.

Furthermore, my PPC campaigns weren’t producing enough traffic AND were too expensive (now I know they weren’t optimized for the right audience).

I even tried Google Adwords so at least I could get a few clicks from the search engines even if I had to pay for them. I didn’t have a clue whether this was going to work or I was just going to throw money away.

Frustration was 10/10… it did hurt seeing those low-effort pages dominate Page 1, while I had dedicated so much time to publishing what in my opinion were the most complete, helpful reviews out there.

Launch time came, first webinar… millions of bucks were about to be earned and I wasn’t there.


!! Except…

Suddenly, I realized my sites were getting a few clicks despite not showing up on Page 1.

I also realized I was getting traffic from Google Adwords even though I was getting a warning as if my ads weren’t visible.

I checked, and BOOM!

Clickbank day earnings


My first high-ticket sale. That green bar…

I ended up making 3 grand from that launch, which isn’t a lot, is it? but to me it felt incredible back then.

I feel my only special skill is, I just don’t quit.


Ever since that incredible day,

Sergio Rubio's Clickbank Platinum Award

  • I have purchased powerful expired domain names,
  • perfected my backlink building strategies,
  • fine-tuned my SEO techniques,
  • diversified into lots of different websites,
  • hired a whole team of writers to scale things up,
  • absorbed more trial and error,
  • ranked TOP 10 in multiple leaderboards of multi-million dollar launches (2019’s Parallel Profits, for example)
  • networked with some of the biggest fish in the industry,
  • received a Clickbank Platinum Award for crossing half a million dollars worth of revenue in 2019 through their platform alone,
  • and I just recorded my own course.

I even got #16 place in the sales leaderboard of the biggest launch in Internet history: the “Knowledge Business Blueprint” by Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson and others. Ask the team if you don’t believe me.

On April 29th, 2019 I made 72 sales of this high-ticket program. Yeah, on a single day. I still brag about it. Just a little 🙂

So that’s a summary of my story. There is so much more I could talk about, but let’s leave it here for now.

I’m not going to promote anything here, but if you have an interest in building an online business of this kind, check out my upcoming program Review Empires for more in-depth, practical information.

I have put my heart and soul into this course. Everything I would have liked to be taught when I started, it’s in there.

I sincerely hope you got something out of this!

Specially, the concept of never f****** giving up.

Let me know in the comments if I can help you with anything.



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