Perpetual Income 365 Review… Take it into practice, for once!

perpetual income 365 review

Waking up and getting ready early in the morning. Only to go through jam-packed traffic on a busy day. Spend hours and hours of what seemed like a never-ending workload. Just to get an average salary reasonably enough to get by.

Tiring, isn’t it?

Hence, the idea of earning in the comfort of your homes has been a trend ever since. Who doesn’t want that, right? Having the time for yourself and finally, start earning for yourself. What a dream! And one of the ways to do so is through affiliate marketing. In fact, according to, affiliate marketing is on the second spot in the ways you can make money online.

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So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is merely partnering or teaming up with brands to promote their products. So basically, it’s like helping them sell their products to a broader audience. To which, you’ll earn a commission for every successful sale you get.

What does it have to do with the program we’re going to review?

Well, affiliate marketing sure is one of the most popular concepts of earning online, as it has been tested and proven by many. Sure, making six figures or more in a month is not entirely possible. But, it is not that simple. You have to have the right knowledge and strategy for you to reach success.

That is why online courses like Perpetual Income 365 by Shawn Josiah. Which I’m pretty sure you’re already familiar with, have been gaining popularity. For today’s review, we will try to understand how does Perpetual Income 365 works. Moreover, we will try to be more in-depth as to what is it really about and if it’s really true to its claims.“Is it legit or scam?”

What is Perpetual Income 365?

perpetual income 365

Perpetual Income 365 or simply, PI365, is an affiliate marketing software created by Shawn Josiah, a seven-figure entrepreneur. Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about him later. So, PI365 claims to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, even without experience.

Affiliate marketing is relatively simple, but to earn recurring profits is not guaranteed. Why?

It is because you have to have the right skills, knowledge, and mastery first. That is why done-for-you courses like this one are now readily available to help you start up your own affiliate marketing business. The software is a plug-and-play system that allows marketers, experienced or newbies, a way to set up and start earning profits through affiliate marketing.

Moreover, PI365 was based on Micro-Commitment Consistency Compounding Algorithm (MCCA). A secret algorithm tool that is believed to be used by popular sites such as Netflix and even Google. With that, let me tell you about the three components of MCCA.

The MCCA Model

This is said to be the “loophole” and the very same model used by big companies to ensure a stable flow of income.

  • Micro-commitment

It is a mechanism where you’re drawing people to commit to your product without you telling them upfront. It is more about making your future clients commit easily to your product. You have to provide them with an effortless way to commit in as easy as one click.

  • Consistency Bias

This approach is basically about offering free trials. You should get your customers to try your program and make them commit to it fully. You have to ensure that they will keep buying and buying your program repeatedly. Your earnings may be small at first, but the main idea is to get as many returning customers as you can.

  • Compounding Revenues

The third component claims to be the quickest and easiest path to untold wealth. The concept of this one is to, of course, get your customers to pay you continuously through subscriptions. But in addition to that, you must also get more people to buy your product.

What’s Inside The Program?

Perpetual Income 365 comes with a three-part package.

The MCCA Toolbox

It is said to do all the heavy lifting for you. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about creating landing pages and coding. It is a much better and polished version of the software tools designed by Mr. X (which you’ll get to know who, later 😉) This is to ensure that the program will best work for you.

Income Leverage Bounty

It allows you to get started even without prior experience. It includes simple and easy-to-understand videos that will help you use the tools to reach greater heights.

One-Click Content Stack

It is not said to be a one-click content stack for nothing. Everything that you need to set up your site is actually a done-for-you here in PI365. It includes thirty carefully picked email newsletters to step up your game. Basically, it allows you to run the page on autopilot for 30-days in just a simple click.

Now that’s not all. After purchasing the program, you’ll also get access to the following bonuses:

Bonus Resource

  • Recurring Revenue Master Plan

recurring revenue

True to its title, it is a book that will help you plan out on how to earn profits continuously.

  • Tiny Subscriptions, BIG Profits

tiny subscriptions big profits

This book allows you to further understand how those tiny subscriptions, when combined together, get you to earn big.

  • Income Commander Master Guide

income commander

It is a guide that we’ll teach how to start earning from scratch. It allows you to learn tips and tricks to make money even with nothing.


  • Perpetual Asset Multiplier – It allows you to use all of the seven templates for your landing pages.
  • 5 Click Profit Activator – There are actually 6 plug-ins included, which you can add to customize your landing page.
  1. Visitor Tracking
  2. ​Button Rocking Animation
  3. Display your Visitors Country & Flag
  4. Evergreen Date Display Banner
  5. Social Bars
  6. Spots Available
  • Email ATM – It allows you to incorporate everything from the GetResponse to the software. This also enables you to send out email broadcasts direct from the software itself.

How Does Perpetual Income 365 Work?

Upon entering the training area, you’ll get to see a short video that gives you an overview of PI365. On the left side, you can also see the Money Pages, 5 Clicks Profit, which is only available if you upgrade and the Traffic Crusher. Let me first discuss the Money Pages.

Perpetual Income 365 Money Pages

It is where you can use templates for your landing page. However, if you’re didn’t get the upsells, you are only allowed to choose two from the seven templates available. But with an upgraded account, you are free to choose any of the seven available.

The process of creating your landing page is easy. You just have to choose your preferred template, enter your page URL and that’s it. You’re done.

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Traffic Crusher

The secret to the success of most of the affiliate marketers out there is through traffic. Of course, it doesn’t come free as you have to pay for it. While this might be scary, especially for beginners, this part of the program enables you to learn all about it.

Since the main idea of the program is to teach, you’ll actually gain access to three beginner-friendly video lessons. It covers everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing with a total of 45 minutes.

For the first video, it talks about a type of traffic that the creator himself uses. Moreover, this part is you’ll learn to determine the ROI. It allows you to estimate your breakeven point so that you’ll get a better understanding of how much you’re expected income will be.

After that, the second video then teaches you in detail how you can earn your first $2,000 profit in a month. Of course, you need to set your expectations as realistic as possible. Furthermore, the creator explains how every business model requires capital. That’s why in all honesty, you must at least have a starting capital for PI365 to work for you.

The third and last video is quite short. It only answers most of the frequently asked questions of the people. In addition to that, the video also includes information that you need to know about solo-ad vendors.

How to Set-up PI365?

Starting and setting up is actually quite easy as everything is already done-for-you. Since it allows you to access the program even with no prior experience, I can summarize the steps in a way for you easily understand.

  1. Sign up and have an account of ClickBank and GetResponse.
  2. Connect or link those accounts to your PI365 landing page.
  3. Click “Create A New Money Page” and choose from the templates available to create a landing page.
  4. You can now have access to email campaigns suitable for thirty-one days.
  5. Then, you will be given your page URL, which you’ll use to promote the product.

About the Creator – Shawn Josiah

shawn josiah
Photo taken from his Facebook – Shawn Josiah


Shawn Josiah was the one behind Perpetual Income 365. He is a successful internet marketer who earns seven-figure income. Aside from that, Shawn is also one of ClickBank’s Platinum Earner. This means that he was able to garner over $500,000 of a year worth of income through ClickBank alone.

But before all of that, he started from a humble beginning. He was a journalist who simply wanted to break free from his day job with an average salary. But how? He can’t even manage to pay for his own bills, and his debt was piling up.

Then all of a sudden, he met someone whom he called, Mr. X.

Mr. X was a data scientist who graduated from MIT. He then told Shawn about this secret algorithm of big-earning companies. Mr. X wanted Shawn to expose that secret and tell the public all about it. But then, he thought of the worst-case scenarios that might happen to him.

To cut everything short, Shawn decided to use that idea to start his own business and start earning on his own. With the concept of empowering people to earn online, thus, Perpetual Income 365 was born.

How much is it?

PI365 price

Since this is a monthly subscription, you can avail of the program for a discounted price of $47 per month. As stated also, you are free to cancel anytime. As they offer an iron-clad money-back guarantee for 60 days upon purchase. This means that if ever you feel like the program doesn’t work for you, you can go ahead and contact them to get your refund.

However, if you’re still quite unsure, you can avail of their 14-day trial. It retails for only $9, which allows you to test-drive the program first.


pros and cons


  • The program retails for an affordable price of $47 per month.
  • It is a beginner and newbie-friendly.
  • The software doesn’t require expert or technical skills.
  • Even after the end of 31-day email campaigns, you can still gain access to the email lists that allow you to promote other products.
  • It has an active Facebook group where newbies can communicate and ask questions.
  • There’s also email support inside the member’s area to respond to your questions immediately.
  • 100% Money-back guarantee.


  • It is only available for online purchase at their official website.
  • There are hidden fees and charges.
  • You have to pay for the solo ads, which might be pricey.
  • The content on the money-pages is not available for editing.
  • You can only promote one product, which is the Perpetual Income 365 itself.
  • The video testimonials on their website are said to be paid actors only. Their testimonies are somewhat unbelievable and misleading.
  • The income claims are kind of unrealistic.

Is Perpetual Income 365 a Scam?

The answer is NO. It is not a scam. We might not have a lot of information regarding the creator but the program does work, actually. Well, honestly speaking, it is their way of advertising that makes me a little skeptical. Well, of course, we need to set out realistic expectations but aside from that, there’s none.

I’m not judging other reviews out there who claims that this program is a scam and would resort to offering you “better” programs out there. But, we stand by our opinion based on facts only. Besides, they offer a money-back guarantee to ensure that the program is not a scam.

Final Verdict – Is it worth buying?

review of perpetual income 365

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.” – Gordon B. Hinckley

For your business to reach success, I think it is essential to start building a strong foundation first. Programs like Perpetual Income 365 is actually quite promising if I may add. It teaches and guides you in almost everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Moreover, for a reasonable price, I think it is useful, especially for beginners.

I don’t have anything against the plug-and-play or done-for-you systems. I mean, they’re great, especially for newbies who wanted to start their own affiliate marketing business as it is already made. But honestly speaking, if you genuinely want to be a six-figure or even seven-figure earner like Shawn Josiah, you actually have to work hard for it.

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Let me tell you, there is no shortcut to success. You can’t wake up one day and be a millionaire unless you won the lottery, right? But at the end of the day, it is still up to your decision. Your success is in your hands. 


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