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review for affiliate system

Working and earning from home has been really popular ever since the year started- with all the things happening around the world.

People have been trying to earn good money to provide for their families, but sometimes, out of the blue, one vital question would come to mind: “Am I earning enough?”.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “What, do you like, have the answer to that question?”, “So, Sergio, are you saying that you’re invalidating our hard works?”.

Well, I did not say literally anything nor am I judging you. Hush.

All I’m saying is that there are days when working 9-5 is not applicable to the lifestyle that you’ve been dreaming of.

I get it that you’re pushing yourself to do more, to thrive hard for those goals, but do you really earn enough to pay off all the debts, bills, your kids’ education but also spoil yourself on the side?


Well, I hope this is fantastic news for you…

There are programs meant to help people earn more than enough without even batting an eyelash.

That one was a metaphor, but you sure do get it.

You don’t have to say bye-bye to your 9-5 just yet, and it doesn’t matter if you stayed or left for good.

These programs that I’m trying to decipher for you are there for one good reason: to help anyone who wants to be self-sufficient and financially independent and be their own boss.

Yeah, I know you probably think it’s all sensationalist claims and I actually kind of sound biased for a sec there, but feel free to look stuff up on Google. You will see the answers there staring right back at you.

To cut to the chase, I was talking about Affiliate Marketing.

I’m not going to talk about the full details of Affiliate Marketing here so I’m just going to provide you links that you can visit to learn more about it.

Also, I have already discussed Affiliate Marketing on my previous articles, so feel free to check that out, too.

Links you can visit to know the basics of Affiliate Marketing:

Now, can I have the honor of walking you through this program I am thrilled to tell you about?

Super Affiliate System- What is it Exactly?

super affiliate system by john
Super Affiliate System is a program/course that is meant to help anyone who wants to earn a living online to actually earn.

Let’s be honest, there are programs in the market that is all nice and fancy on all their promotions but do they really deliver?

Let me tell you that I am in no way being biased here. I’ve tried a lot of programs but there really are a handful of just all advertisements, lacking in results.

Going back to the SAS, it is created to help any affiliate marketer and future affiliate marketers to learn everything they need about affiliate marketing.

It is a step-by-step training system that doesn’t require any paid advertising, expensive software, and can be done without even having a website.

Everything you need to know to be a better online marketer is provided in this program.

Nice, huh?

Well, you might be thinking I’m really being biased, but I can’t honestly do anything about it.

Just wait ’til you see what this program provides for you to finally get me. Capiche?

Super Affiliate System provides an easy-to-follow course to guide people to be who they want to be. Again, a little sensationalist, but you get the point I’m making.


What Does it Actually Do?

Just like any other affiliate program, SAS concentrates on teaching people how to start their business even without knowledge.

SAS also specializes in all types of affiliate marketing businesses.

It “equips” entrepreneurs with the expertise they need to start their own venture and become a skilled affiliate/online marketers.

The course teaches to run ads online, mostly from Facebook ads, and promote products as an “affiliate“.

It also claims to help future affiliate marketers be “successful” in just 6 weeks.

Like, how can someone be successful in just a few weeks? Can you believe that? Is it really possible? How about those who have little to no knowledge?

They’re also claiming that after 6 weeks of consistent training, not only you get to emerge as a marketing expert, but you will also have a chance to be a trainer that provides lessons to other future affiliate marketers, too.

Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

It’s really refreshing to share your success and knowledge with other people with the same mind and goals as yours.

Am I right?

Cost & What’s Inside

There are 50 hours or so of video and audio provided for the 6-week training period.

The goal is to mold these future online marketers and shape them into the best version of themselves.

The program features video tutorials and lessons alongside homework and quizzes just like what we do in school.

A little timely, don’t you think?

Since a lot of us can’t go to school let alone go back to work just yet, might as well make use of all the free time in learning something new. Right?

Not to mention the fruit of this “new learnings” that you can easily get when you focus really hard on your goals and the things you really want to pursue.

Ooops, we’re getting out of the topic, huh?

How much is it, though?launch pricing closing soon

The initial charge will cost you $397, you will then be charged the same $397/month for 2 months after the initial charge has been made.

I know it’s a little pricey for some, but this is the reason why I had to put the price first so you’d have some evaluation and rethinking once you finally get to know the program more.

Moving on, according to the sales page, upon purchase, you will get instant access to the entire program which will begin by showing a step-by-step format to pick your first product offers without any hard costs, set up a presell page, and use super cheap Facebook advertising to get customers.

So, what can you really get from this program?SAS free training

The course contains several modules and each has videos, links, resources, and assignments to prepare you for the real deal.

Here is the breakdown of what you will get in 6 weeks:

WEEK 1: Affiliate System Setup

The first week is dedicated entirely to getting results as fast as possible.

In this part, you will learn how to:

  • Make your first commissions as an affiliate marketer “within 2 hours“.
  • Get certified for your first affiliate networks so that you can start making commissions instantly.
  • Set up your ads, presell pages, and affiliate links fast with no preceding experience needed.
  • Set up Facebook ads that transform on large audiences; and
  • Leverage affiliate networks and their deputies so that they work for you, for free.

WEEK 2: How to Choose Your Niches & Offer

This part is dedicated to helping you understand the system in its whole. You will go over how to choose a niche, offer, ad networks, and doing your own research so that you can efficiently duplicate everything the creator had done or even promote products outside of the nutraceutical niches.

You will learn how to:

  • Build the right mindset to help you succeed even if you’ve never been successful in any other business ventures before.
  • Figure out the niche and affiliate offers that will work best for you.
  • Choose an ad network to specialize in; and
  • Create competitive advantages for yourself as an online marketer.

WEEK 3: Advanced Marketing Skills

Focuses entirely on advanced marketing skills that will make you a “master” of getting people to purchase your product through a blend of research and copywriting tactics.

You will learn:

  • What copywriting is and how you can write extremely effective headlines for your ads.
  • The 5 keys to a profitable presell page
  • How to tap into people’s deepest emotions to “hypnotize” them to buy
  • The creator’s 17-step copywriting formula that works every time; and
  • Advanced optimization tactics that will allow you to take affiliate campaigns from barely breaking even, to being massively profitable.

WEEK 4: Facebook & Google Advertising

Focuses exclusively on leveraging the most powerful tools of influences that we have available at our fingertips to reach billions of people e.g: through Facebook and Google.

You will learn how to:

  • Effortlessly create Facebook advertising campaigns that produce huge click-throughs and ROI.
  • Stay compliant with the Facebook system and ever-changing policies so that you never get an ad account closedown ever again.
  • Understand all the various metrics in advertising so that you can securely navigate your way to profitability; and
  • Leverage Google’s advertising network to profitably and consistently generate clicks and sales to your presell pages.

WEEK 5: Youtube Ads & Native Advertising

The 5th week goes over other secondary ad networks that offer massive potential and extremely cheap clicks to those that are willing to venture outside of Facebook and Google.

In this part, you will learn:

  • How to set up Youtube ads so that you can get penny clicks, and earn millions even
  • What native advertising is and how you can use the networks such as Taboola and such to fuel your affiliate marketing business to 10s of thousands of dollars per day in revenue.
  • How to use a click tracker to do even more advanced optimization on your advertising campaigns.
  • The secret to profitable video ads on Facebook; and
  • How to structure your advertising campaigns effectively.

WEEK 6: Scaling and Automation

The sixth and final week of training focuses on advanced marketing tactics e.g: how to hire/manage media buyers, and goes over numerous case studies of monster affiliate campaigns that make good money.

In this final part, you will learn how to:

  • User survey funnels to supercharge your Facebook conversion rates
  • Scale affiliate campaigns from 4-figure profit/day to 5-figure/day.
  • Hire and manage media clients and establish an organization around your affiliate marketing campaigns; and
  • The $240k solar campaign case study

Apart from the 6-week training modules, you will also get these relevant resources once you become a SAS member:

RESOURCE #1: Buyers Data for Targeting

Buyers data that make targeting your ads zero-guesswork. Copy and paste the buyers’ lists into majors traffic sources such as Facebook, Google, and Youtube.

RESOURCE #2: Ad Swipe File

Get access to verified ad swipes that you can drag and drop onto the advertising network. You no longer have to guess what type of ads actually work and don’t.

RESOURCE #3: Presell Pages

You don’t have to mess around with any programming stuff to make your presell pages. Simply use the program’s readymade presell pages to market people into biz opp and other offers that you would like to promote.

RESOURCE #4: Affiliate Network Entry

You don’t have to worry about getting admitted into top-tier affiliate businesses that pay high commission anymore. When you join the Super Affiliate System, you will instantly have access to the most exclusive affiliate networks with the most aggressive, high commission, payout, and high-converting offers that will make you “win in life“.

Live Campaign Analysis Sessions Weekly

  • Access to live webinars every month taught by John Crestani himself.
  • The chance to have John review your marketing supplies and copywriting.
  • Access to the complete JetsetLIVE archive of live webinars
  • The most current up-to-date powerful aid in promoting.

Woah, a little overwhelming, don’t you think?

Are you getting all giddy as to who this John Crestani is, and why is it a pleasure to be taught and mold by him?

John Crestani- The Creator

who is john crestani
John Crestani is a Digital Growth Marketer, Startup Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Columnist, husband, and father.

He is a growth hacker known for his contributions in helping companies reach more people and sell more products using the business model of affiliate marketing. He is an online expert in all forms of paid advertisement; from Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Youtube Ads, and Native advertising networks.

He is now an internationally-renowned expert in affiliate marketing.

Eversince he has involuntarily left his cushy job in the corporate world, he went and build his own empire in the affiliate marketing industry in just a couple of john crestani

He enjoys living in Malibu Ranch with his wife, 2 children, 2 cats, and a dog. He’s enjoying his life to the fullest and wanted to share his blessings hence the SAS.

Way to go, John!

Now, in affiliate marketing, competition is the only constant thing.

Consumers pitting different programs, which is completely normal. These people are trying to weigh in their options as to what the right system is for them. After all, this is still business.

A lot of people have been quite confused about Super Affiliate System and this other affiliate marketing program called “Commission Hero“.

I’m certain you came from several reviews reading different opinions about SAS and you probably have come across Commission Hero reviews.

Let’s take a quick look at this program everyone is getting confused by.

Commission Hero- is it the Same as SAS?difference between commission hero and SAS

Just like any other program meant to promote their services making flowery promises, Commission Hero is almost just like the Super Affiliate System.what do you get from commission hero

It is a done-for-you system but the only thing that turned me off is all the profit claims on the sales page.

I get that they’re trying to drive people into purchasing their service, but I didn’t find it necessary to put all of those claims out in the open, looks very sensationalist, at least to me.

With regards to the price comparison, here is the Commission Hero’s price plan:commission hero pricing plan

What do you think?


We’re back to Super Affiliate System! This isn’t a pro and con section for Commission Hero, okay? LOL


  • Good for beginners
  • John’s teaching style is effective
  • No email list or email marketing required
  • Everything is done-for-you
  • Easy-to-follow
  • Lots of positive feedback and proofs to back up the claim
  • Improbable resources included
  • 3X split-payment option
  • Access to the private community
  • Definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Work anywhere, any time of day
  • Low operation cost
  • Can be used by anyone who wants to make a living
  • 100% money-back guaranteedmoney-back guaranteed


  • Can be a bit expensive for some, but it is indeed a good investment
  • Some modules have missing information that should have been covered
  • Some people might think of this program as a get-rich-quick scheme
  • Consistency is still the key
  • No hard work, no results.

Is it a Scam?

I don’t honestly know what other reviews have made this program look to the consumers, but I am sure that this isn’t a scam.

John is a really successful and a well-known man in his craft, would be suck for his career to trick people. Right?

SAS actually works and it just all depends on the person if they’re willing to learn and grow in their chosen path.

Personally, and I’m not just saying this to “trick” you into joining the program, but I am pretty certain that Super Affiliate System is a legitimate course.

How about you, have you purchased SAS? What do you think of its components and services?

It’s a Wrap!

I am beyond grateful that you have stayed with me up to the last bit of brain cells I have put into making this review for you. LOL

Kidding aside, I hope I have given you some good light at what you should try to learn how affiliate marketing and online marketing work.

Above everything else, I genuinely believe that programs and/or courses like SAS are a good long-term investment. Of course, you still have to work hard for you to see results, am I right?

Although the program itself claims that it’s there to do all the work for you, you also have to keep thriving to reach your set of goals.

After all, anything that you put your heart into will always grow beautifully and lavishly. Come on, back me up on this one! Tee hee.

Until my next review, folks! I am so glad you’re finally seeking other options. May the force and abundance be with you!


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